Angie W. Cox Public Library of Pardeeville
119 N. Main Street, Pardeeville, WI 53954

Part-time Library Director
Position Description


Overall Responsibilities:  Administers, directs and conducts the programs and services of the library subject to the policies, goals and objectives of the Public Library Board. 


Administrative Duties:

  1. Submits monthly and annual reports to the Library Board and the Village of Pardeeville Board.
  2. Collaborates with the Library Board treasurer and president to develop the annual library budget proposal to be approved by the Board.  Expends funds within the scope of the budget and Board policies.
  3. Develops a listing of library policies and short- and long-range goals and objectives, submits them to the Library Board for review, approval and updates; and implements those procedures.
  4. Recruits, selects, hires, trains, supervises, evaluates and terminates library staff and/or volunteers in accordance with the personnel policy.  Keeps Board informed of all personnel matters and decisions. 
  5. Schedules library employees and/or volunteers, assigns and oversees routine duties including shelving and organization of materials, distributing overdue notices, checking out procedures, and mail pick-up and sorting.
  6. Works with the Library Board president to prepare the Public Library Board agenda and notifies the members of the board of scheduled meetings.
  7. Works with municipal and state government officials to meet the needs of the library and works with special interest groups in an advisory capacity.
  8. Participates in fundraising in conjunction with the Library Board, Angie W. Cox Endowment Board and Friends organizations.
  9. Writes grants to support and improve library services.
  10. Represents the library at the system level and as a member of professional library organizations.  Acts as the spokesperson for the library in the community and participates in community activities/organizations.
  11. Plans and administers the library’s public relations plan, including the development of promotional materials and projects.
  12. Maintains all records and statistics, including acquisitions, holdings, usage, registrations, orders, nonresident borrowing, spending, collection of fines, etc., hours and feedback.
  13. Performs other duties as required by the Board.


Service Duties:

  1.  Plans and supervises the work of the library relating goals, objectives, services and programs to community needs.
  2. With assistance of staff, maintains a library materials collection:  selecting, purchasing, cataloging, organizing, displaying and withdrawing.
  3. With assistance of staff, catalogs and classifies library materials according to accepted standards and maintains the public catalog.
  4. With assistance of staff, greets and assists patrons with the location and retrieval of materials by title, subject and interest, 
  5. With assistance of staff, registers new patrons, records data, issues cards and, when necessary, assists with check out library materials.
  6. With assistance of staff, prepares, repairs and reconditions library materials and develops and maintains a weeding schedule.
  7. With assistance of staff, advises patrons who have reference questions.
  8. Oversees and carries out circulation desk policies and procedures.
  9. Works with the Endowment Board to oversee the maintenance of the building and its contents.


Essential Knowledge and Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of library techniques, methods and procedures as they apply to small public library administration.
  2. Ability to organize, plan and direct the growth and development of the library.
  3. Ability to use typewriter, calculator, copy machine, telephone, computer, computer printers, computer software (Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, Database, PowerPoint), TDD telephone, video and audio equipment, laminator, building systems such as heating/cooling and the ability to learn new technologies as they relate to public library operations and services.
  4. Ability to develop long-range plans to solve complex problems or take advantage of opportunities, establish systematic methods of accomplishing goals.
  5. Ability to analyze problems and opportunities, develop feasible, realistic solutions to problems, recommend actions designed to prevent problems from occurring and refer problems to the Library Board when necessary.
  6. Ability to evaluate situations and make independent decisions based upon experience, knowledge or training without supervision.
  7. Ability to set  priorities in order to meet assignment deadlines.
  8. Ability to read and understand information contained in memoranda, reports and bulletins.
  9. Ability to communicate ideas and information in both verbal and written form.
  10. Ability to establish a positive working relationship with the library trustees, staff, endowment board, volunteers the library system and member libraries, local service organizations, village, county and state officials and the general public.
  11.  Ability to hire, train, supervise and manage employees, coordinate and delegate workloads and work schedules, evaluate work  performance and maintain high standards of library service.
  12.  Ability to lift and carry objects weighing 40 pounds or less and move objects weighing 60 to 80 pounds on wheeled vehicles.
  13. Maintain a valid driver’s license and ability to drive to meetings outside of the library.


Education and Experience:

  1. Hold or be eligible for Grade 3 library certification [54 credit hours at an accredited college, university or technical college, half of which must be in the liberal arts and science; additional three semester credits of coursework or the equivalent on public library administration, selection of all types of library materials, organization of library materials and provision of reference and information services].  Provisional and temporary certification may be granted under certain circumstances.
  2. A bachelor’s degree from a college or university is preferred.
  3. Two years of public library experience and community involvement or related experience is preferred.
  4. Continue to maintain library certification.


Hours and Salary:

  1. Position is a part-time, 10-hour per week opportunity.
  2. Salary will be determined depending on background and experience.  A six-month probationary period will be in effect.

To apply, please send a letter of interest, resumé, and completed Columbia County job application form to Kristie Nielson at