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Considering a home improvement project, maintenance work or a new structure/addition on your property? Most projects require a building permit and some may also require Plan Commission approval and zoning approval. 
Building Permits

A permit is required for a wide variety of building, electrical, plumbing, and heating/ventilation/air-conditioning work (see examples below). Please call the Village Building Inspector Kevin Henrickson at 608-697-7775 to discuss required permits and fees.

Examples of projects requiring a Building Permit (and possibly zoning permit) include, but are not limited to; additions, decks and patios, retaining walls, roofing (when sheeting or trusses are needed), window replacement (if not exact size), interior remodeling (such as kitchens and baths if changing and not just replacement), accessory structures (such as garages, sheds, and pergolas), recreation rooms, and more.

 Electrical Permit projects include, but are not limited to; . new switches, receptacles, fixtures, panel change out, service upgrades, new service etc. 

A Plumbing Permit is required for any plumbing fixture that is removed or relocated. 

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Permits are required when the furnace, boiler, or air-conditioning in your property is initially installed; no permit is needed for replacement.

If you have questions as to if a project will require a permit please reach out to the office or the building inspector. Also allow for up to 10 business days for the permit to be issued once all information is received. 



Zoning Permit Application (needed for fence, deck, addition, accessory building etc.)

Interactive Zoning MAP

SIGN PERMIT Application

Submit applications to the Village Office at 114 Lake Street, PO Box 217, Pardeeville, WI 53954.

Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code
Pardeeville Zoning Code
Licenses & Permits Applications

Questions about Building or Zoning matters?

Contact Village Building Inspector Kenneth Fennewald 608-697-8009 or email


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